Bear Hunting

St-Cyr Royal is a fly-in 5 star log lodge offering incredible hunting opportunities for trophy class bear in northern Québec.  During your flight into this exclusive rights territory you’ll begin to realize the vastness of the area offered to a select few for a hunting opportunity of a life time. This newly opened lodge will certainly provide a hunter his best opportunity for a trophy. 

This is the same package as fishing but also includes licenses for bear as well as fishing.  The guides will transport you to and from the baited stands and retrieve the bear.  They will also skin and freeze the hide and complete the registration for transport home. 

The hunting is done over baited tree stands and ground blinds offering the hunter shots of 15 to 35 yards. With the high concentration of bears in the area, success for either rifle or bow hunters is high. Imagine it, fishing in the morning and hunting in the afternoon. 


Season runs last week of May through June 

Fly-In From Pick up #1 Berthelot Air Base:

6 day semi guided hunt

$5,000.00 per person (min 2 pers.)

$4,900.00 per person (min 4 pers.)


*Can. or US Funds.
*Provincial, Federal and lodging tax are extra.
*Deposit 30% within 2 weeks after making reservation. The final is due within 30 days after reserving. Reservation made during the season (May to June) must be paid in full.  


As space is limited for lodging as well as the number of hunters we take for the season, reservations should be made as early as possible to insure a date. 

Flights in are available from other points in Quebec. 

Hunting Package Discounts Available 

For more information or reservations feel free to contact us.

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